Video Samples of Bob Speaking

From Bob’s Personal Testimony

Describing his daughter’s death (14:29)

Describing his heart healing miracle (6:18)

Describing his accepting the Lord (7:46)

Bob’s funny “Bird Droppings” story (9:28)

Bob’s hilarious 2012 “Roast” of Rabbi Glenn Harris (18:55)

From Bob’s Apologetics Topics


Jesus compared to other religions (2:58)

Jesus is the ONLY truth (3:47)

Science supports a belief in God (9:35)

When skeptics ask “then who created God?” (1:50)

Tips when debating a skeptic (2:50)

Common characteristics of “Counterfeit Christianity” (14:12)

Fake Christianity and Monopoly Money (4:22)

Courtroom analogy for getting ALL of the evidence (3:21)

Are People Born Gay? (6:48)

Genesis Contradicts Evolution – Part 1 (6:16)

Genesis Contradicts Evolution – Part 2 (4:44)

Are Fossils Really Millions of Years Old? (6:14)

How Carbon Dating Actually Supports Creation (7:30)

Q&A Questions About Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark (6:27)

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