Top Ten Proofs takes the 14 topics Christians often struggle explaining, and gives the Top Ten evidences for each, using:

  • * Documented Evidence from Science and History
  • * Logic and Intellectual Reasoning
  • * Simple Layman’s Terms
  • * Easy to Understand and Remember
  • * Audio CD’s – 14 Topics/22 Discs
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The 14 Topics

  1. Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True
  2. Top Ten Proofs Christianity is the Only True Religion
  3. Top Ten Proofs for the Physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  4. Top Ten Proofs for God’s Existence
  5. Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible
  6. Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth (that can NOT be billions of years old)
  7. Top Ten Proofs Dinosaurs Lived with Man (and yes, went on Noah’s Ark)
  8. Top Ten Proofs for America’s Christian Heritage
  9. Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal
  10. Top Ten Proofs Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness are False Teachings
  11. Top Ten Proofs Theistic Evolution (God using “Evolution”) is not Biblical
  12. Top Ten False Claims Given to Support Islam (and how to answer them)
  13. Top Ten False Claims Given to Support Abortion (and how to answer them)
  14. Top Ten False Claims Given to Support Homosexuality (and how to answer them)


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