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Bob’s Suggested Topics

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Booking Bob is Easy

  1. Contact Terry Meier
  2. (586) 291-5417– terry@bobdutko.com

  3. Choose a Desired Date
  4. Choose From 20 Speaking Topics Offered
  5. (Listed Below)

Bob Regularly Speaks at:

  • Sunday Morning or Evening Services
  • Wednesday Night Services
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfasts
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Special Church Events
  • Fundraising Banquets
  • Keynote Speaker or Emcee
  • Apologetics Presentations
  • Skeptics Night with Q&A
  • Host an Apologetics Conference
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Bob’s Top Ten Most Commonly Requested Topics are:

  1. Evidence Proving the Bible is Historically Accurate and True
  2. Detailing the amount of manuscript evidence, fulfilled prophecy, scientific and archaeological evidence as well as answering the claims that the Bible “contradicts” itself.

  3. Bob’s Personal Testimony
  4. Bob will share openly his life of growing up in a religious cult, involvement in various demonic activities, getting saved and walking through many trials, including having his teenage daughter suddenly and unexpectedly collapse and die in his arms on Mother’s Day, 2002. This talk will focus on encouraging believers to remain faithful in all circumstances, remembering that even in the most confusing of times, God never leaves us or forsakes us.

  5. Truth of Christianity Compared to Other Religions
  6. Bob will present the evidence that Jesus Christ stands alone as the one true means of salvation and the only “religion” that stands the test of scrutiny.

  7. Evidence Proving the Resurrection of Jesus
  8. An intellectual defense for the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ, showing that through logic, reasoning, history and science and even non-Biblical sources, we can believe in the resurrection as an actual historic event.

  9. Strengthening and Redeveloping our Faith and Trust in God
  10. This addresses those times when we struggle with trusting God, when our faith is weakened and when God just seems to “not make sense”. How we can develop a rock solid faith that stands amidst the tests, trials and doubts.

  11. Men’s Issues – Growing as Men of God
  12. Men’s Issues such as understanding the unique call God has on men’s lives and how to be true men of God. Perfect for men’s events, prayer breakfasts, men’s retreats, father/son events, etc.

  13. Scientific Evidence for Creation vs Evolution
  14. An examination of the Scientific Evidence for Biblical Creation, showing the many ways in which Darwinian Evolution is scientifically impossible by using actual documented evidence from the nation’s leading Creation Scientists currently censored from school textbooks.

  15. Scientific Evidence for God’s Existence
  16. Bob will give the evidence that a belief in God can actually be substantiated logically, scientifically and mathematically.

  17. Evidence Proving America’s Christian Heritage
  18. Examining the amazing historic evidence of America’s Christian Heritage, showing that the “Separation of Church and State” is not only a myth, but that our country has a history of actually endorsing and even promoting Christianity.

  19. An Introduction to Basic Christian Apologetics
  20. This talk explains the importance (and limits) of apologetics as well as giving practical teachings and suggestions on how to effectively communicate our faith to non-believers and skeptics. It equips believers to become better at witnessing and defending the faith.

    Additional Popular Topics Bob Offers Include:

  21. The Truth about Abortion
  22. Exposing the truth about Abortion and the abortion industry with facts, evidence and history that most people are unaware of. This will expose the dishonesty of the “pro-choice” argument while reminding women that there is still always forgiveness in Christ.

  23. The Troubling Acceptance of Homosexuality in the Church
  24. An honest look at the growing and troubling acceptance of Homosexuality in the Church, the false teachings that are fueling this acceptance and how we as Christians can address this issue with love, grace and forgiveness without compromising what God’s Word says about sin and repentance.

  25. Counterfeit Christianity and the Reinventing of Jesus through Unity Churches, New Age Christianity and Pluralism
  26. This deals with the reality and dangers of pluralistic teachings that “all paths lead to God”, “there is no Hell” and that “everyone ultimately goes to Heaven”, as well as counterfeit Christianity that denies Jesus as the sole means by which we are saved.

  27. A Biblical Response to Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal
  28. In this message, you can have Bob discuss the spiritual concerns and in some cases, the demonic influence of various popular metaphysical interests. You can choose a talk on one of these issues, or a combination of certain ones. This menu includes Ghosts, UFOs, Astrology, Psychics and Fortune Telling, Reincarnation, Paganism and Wicca, Yoga, Reiki and “harnessing energies”, Superstitions, New Age and Counterfeit Christianity.

  29. The Truth about Islam
  30. An examination of the religion of Islam, including it’s founding, who Mohammed was, what the Qur’an really says, and why we Biblically can not consider “Allah” to be the same as the God of the Bible.

  31. The Truth about Mormonism
  32. An examination of Mormonism, including the teachings of Joseph Smith, the founding of Mormonism, Mormon Doctrine, the Biblical case against these teachings and why we must, in a loving way, declare Mormonism a Cult.

  33. The Truth about Jehovah’s Witness
  34. An examination of Jehovah’s Witness, including the teachings of Charles Taze Russell, Jehovah’s Witness Doctrines, the Biblical case against them, how to answer the most common claims given by Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door and why we must, in a loving way, declare this religion a Cult.

  35. Evidence Dinosaurs Lived with Man (and yes, went on Noah’s Ark)
  36. An explanation on what really happened to the Dinosaurs, including fascinating scientific and historically documented evidence showing that Dinosaurs did not die out 65 million years ago, but actually went on the Ark with Noah and died out fairly recently.

  37. The Biblical Case Against “Theistic Evolution”
  38. An examination of Theistic Evolution, including the Biblical reasons why God did not use Evolution as His means of creation.

  39. Understanding and Working Through Grief and Discouragement
  40. Bob uses his own grief of losing his 3 best friends, his mother and his teenage daughter to help people develop a Biblical understanding of grief, addressing the different types of grief, different “stages”, healthy versus unhealthy grief and trusting in God’s Word and sovereignty through pain and doubt.

Please Feel Free to Request a Particular Topic You Prefer if Not Listed

Dear Pastor,

I know many Pastors are concerned about what a guest speaker may say to his congregation, and rightfully so. I want to personally assure you that I am mindful of this and very sensitive to never cross into Doctrinal or Theological areas which may or may not be consistent with yours. As the Pastor, that is your role, not mine and I want you to know I will always respect that. I invite you to read my enclosed Statement of Faith and although this is what I believe, any talks I give will be strictly limited to the context of the topic you select (unless you instruct me otherwise).

Also, as you may know, I am not shy about voicing my Conservative political opinions on the radio, but that is on the radio. I have spoken at hundreds of churches in the area and have never, nor will I ever “go political” on you (again, unless you instruct me to). My desire is to serve the Lord by serving the needs of you and your church without compromising my beliefs or Statement of Faith.

Thank you and God bless,


Tim Tyler – Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church:

“I highly recommend Bob Dutko as a guest speaker at your next gathering. His excellent apologetic defense of the Christian faith is stirring and thought provoking. He is insightful, humble, humorous and an encouragement to the Body of Christ. He will equip you for a ready defense of the Gospel.”

Dominic Russo – Senior Pastor, Oakland Christian Church:

“We have benefited richly through Bob’s thoughtful insights, wealth of knowledge and depth of awareness in current and relevant topics pertaining to moral, social, political, economic and spiritual issues. Without a doubt, all who hear Mr. Dutko will be stimulated and stirred through his passion and heart to inform in a Biblical and God-centered way.”

Dennis Rasper – Senior Pastor, Real Life Christian Church:

“Bob Dutko has presented for us several different times. Each time we’ve filled the church and set up extra seating. Bob knows the material and communicates it so well. He gave us simple but irrefutable arguments for Creationism. We still talk about these. He brought to light the difficulties with the “Emerging Church”. His presentation on “truth” is still etched on our minds. His arguments for the Resurrection sent everyone home embracing our certain hope. Unsaved people went home challenged and believers went home confirmed that the truth they believe is really THE truth.

Bob also got very personal about the circumstances of his own life. He brings in his best and grounds everything in Scripture. Encourage people to bring their Bibles. He also has a table of outstanding resources. It’s one of the most worthwhile evenings you’ll spend all year.”

Rabbi Loren Jacobs – Senior Pastor, (Messianic) Congregation Shema Yisrael:

“We had Bob Dutko speak at one of our events and he was terrific! His message was theologically conservative, intelligent, bold, persuasive – just the way good teaching and preaching should be! The people who came that evening left excited, encouraged and blessed.”

Marie Bernier – Senior Pastor, Life Christian Church:

“Bob has a way of captivating the audience with his thought provoking facts, yet he discusses Christianity in a simple and practical way. I promise, you will be amazed and informed with the wealth of knowledge that Bob will impart to you.”

Gary Glenn – President: American Family Association of Michigan:

“Bob Dutko’s message was professionally delivered and entertaining, but more importantly, compelling and motivating as to our Christian duty to stand up and fight to protect our families, our culture and our heritage. Choosing Bob was one of the smartest decisions we made, as it was our most successful banquet ever. In fact, nearly 3 times the amount was raised than the previous year’s event. We’re convinced Bob’s energetic and persuasive testimonial on our behalf was a major reason why. We are extremely grateful.”

Pastor John Galinetti – Senior Pastor, Mt. Hope Church, Grand Blanc:

“Bob has visited Mt. Hope Church on several occasions. Each time we have thoroughly enjoyed his teaching on a number of subjects. What he brings is his engaging personality, thorough preparation, unrivaled Biblical knowledge and an ability to communicate his material on a level where everyone can understand. We always look forward to Bob returning to minister at our church.”

Personal note from Bob Dutko:

As mentioned in the “Topics” section, I will only speak on the topic selected by the church or event and will not cross into Theological or Doctrinal teaching (unless specifically requested). This statement of faith is merely to give you a basic overview of my personal beliefs.

  1. There is one God eternal, Creator of the Universe and manifest in 3 persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  2. Salvation is a gift of God and available to man through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone through His sacrificial death and shed blood, paying the price in full for our sins.
  3. Jesus Christ came down from Heaven, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified and resurrected on the 3rd day, physically and bodily before ascending to the right hand of the Father.
  4. The Holy Spirit enables the sinner to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. He lives and works in each believer, teaching and guiding the Christian to produce the fruits of Righteousness.
  5. The Bible is the authoritative, inerrant, inspired Word of God, factually and historically true.
  6. All spiritual “paths” do not lead to God. Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only way by which people can be saved and reconciled with God. Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ will “die in their sins” and are subject to the reality of Hell and eternal separation from God.
  7. Satan and his demons are very real adversaries of both God and man, although defeated and bound for the Lake of Fire.
  8. Marriage is a covenant relationship between one man and one woman, as ordained by God. Homosexuality or any other form of sexual activity outside of God ordained marriage is sinful and in need of repentance and forgiveness.

  1. All Engagements Within (approx) 100 Miles of Detroit…………..$600
  2. Weekend Retreats or Multiple Session Events = First Session…..$600
  3. (Each Additional Session…..$250)

    * Two Sunday morning services are priced as just one total session

  4. Engagements Outside (approx) 100 Miles of Detroit………………$1000
  5. (In Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Ontario, Canada)

  6. Engagements Outside Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Ontario………$1500
  7. Plus Airfare (Coach)

Professional Bio:

BOB DUTKO is a Christian Apologist and leading voice today in the fearless defense of Christian truth, using logic, reason, science, history and factual evidence to disarm the critics and equip believers. Bob hosts the nationally syndicated talk show “Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko”, heard on radio stations nationwide. In addition, he hosts “The Bob Dutko Show”, Detroit’s #1 Christian Talk Radio Show, heard daily from Noon—4:00 PM on 50,000 watt 103.5 FM – WMUZ. Bob is also the former National Press Secretary for Christian Coalition of America under Pat Robertson.

Bob has engaged in countless debates with the ACLU, national atheist groups, evolutionary scientists, Planned Parenthood, Muslim Scholars, homosexual groups, New Age experts, cult leaders and more. He has been quoted in newspapers throughout the country and appeared on various news, radio and television programs such as HBO, Christian Television Network and Inside Edition.

His Detroit based show, “The Bob Dutko Show” is Michigan’s most listened to Christian radio show and syndicated on several stations nationwide. It can also be heard via live web streaming at www.wmuz.com. His nationally syndicated apologetics talk show, “Defending the Truth” also airs on radio stations across the country making Bob one of the most listened to Christian Talk Show Hosts in America. In addition, he is the creator of the popular Christian Apologetics series “Top Ten Proofs”.

Personal Bio:

Bob grew up in the Worldwide Church of God, which at the time was a religious cult, before leaving all religion and going into a world of sex, drugs, alcohol, ESP and various demonic activities as an agnostic religious skeptic. At age 19 he was invited to church by a friend and responded to an altar call, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Being an admitted “Doubting Thomas”, Bob spent the next 25 years examining and researching Christianity as well as other religions and found that, while a belief in the Bible as God’s Word and a faith in Jesus Christ is not dependent upon science and logic, it is backed up by science and logic. Christianity, he discovered, is the only religious belief system that doesn’t crumble under intellectual scrutiny and investigation. Bob’s mission is to now show people that if you examine the Bible with logic, evidence, facts, science, reason, intellect and history, you will see that Evolution really is false, the Bible really is true, God really does exist, Jesus really is the only way and He really did rise from the dead, physically and historically.

Colleen and Dad

At 62, Bob has been married 39 years and has had 1 daughter and 6 sons. On Mother’s Day 2002, Bob’s oldest child and only daughter, Colleen suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed in his arms and died instantly for no explained reason at age 17. Bob has used this tragedy to remind Christians that our hope and trust must always be in God alone, that God is sovereign, that our faith in Him can not be shaken by circumstances and that in good times or bad, He will never leave us or forsake us. (Picture at right – Bob and Colleen)

An Apologetics Conference can be a great way to strengthen the faith of your congregation and equip members with the evidence, confidence and tools necessary to effectively “defend the faith”. You can also include as part of a conference a “Skeptics Night with Q & A” which can serve as a great means of reaching the unchurched in your community where Bob answers some of the toughest questions skeptics and non-believers may have.

Your Conference can merely be a one session event or several sessions over the course of 1 to 2 days.We encourage you to invite other surrounding churches to participate with you.

Your Apologetics Conference with Bob would teach:

  1. An understanding and introduction to basic apologetics, it’s importance (and it’s limits).
  2. A Biblical understanding of apologetics.
  3. Balancing a rational, logical, scientific, factual and evidentiary defense of God’s Word with the realities of emotion, experience and relationship with God and each other.
  4. Step by step instructions on how to learn and apply basic apologetics.
  5. Do’s and Dont’s of engaging in apologetics discussions with non-believing friends, family, co-workers and strangers.
  6. Examples of basic apologetics facts and evidence on any particular issue from Bob’s Suggested Topics list you may have a particular desire to be focused on.

If you would like more information about possibly hosting an Apologetics Conference (or possibly a Skeptics Night) at your church with Bob Dutko, please contact Terry Meier: 586-291-5417 terry@bobutko.com

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